555 12th Street: Deborah Hamon

SLATE is pleased to present works by Deborah Hamon, on view in Oakland City Center's lobby through October 14th, 2022. 

Visiting Hours are Monday–Friday from 8:30am–5pm



Oakland City Center

555 12th Street Oakland CA, 94607






I am always searching for moments of awe, inspiration, pure joy, beauty, curiosity, flow, and connection. I find them in nature, in pushing beyond my comfort zone, and when truly connecting with people. Can I visually translate this intangible concept of aliveness in a way that resonates with a viewer to inspire them to open their hearts, be more curious, and live more fully?


My multi-layered acrylic paintings begin with references from my photography practice, leading to play with mark making and color which explores both abstraction and representation. I tap into the memory of my feelings about an experience and continue working on a painting until I feel a sense of transformation.


I hope my artwork inspires the butterfly effect through painting: inspiring one person to be hopeful, live fully, embrace imperfection, or be more authentically themself, who in turn inspires the lives of others. The world could become a better place one person at a time.




Deborah Hamon is an artist, adventurer, nature lover, trail runner, and mother. She was born in Adelaide, Australia, and lives in the San Francisco Bay Area. Hamon has an MFA from the University of California, Davis. Hamon has shown her work at numerous museums and galleries nationally and internationally. She has been published widely, and can be found in a variety of collections with global reach.




473 25th Street
Suite A
Oakland, CA 94612


473 25th Street
Suite A
Oakland, CA 94612
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