D'lisa Creager



D’lisa Creager’s copper wire sculptures undulate with curves and layering lines. Creager’s work feels surprisingly organic despite the rigidity of her material which nonetheless morphs into forms reminiscent of dripping water. Each piece holds form and texture that is best observed up close where the talented execution of the artist’s hand is evident.  Her sculptures interact with whatever space they occupy as when hung from the ceiling, they cast shadows on the walls and floors around them, changing throughout the course of the day. Creager explains this visual quality as an “unexpectedly powerful element” of her work which is dynamic as “it plays in the changing light” creating “radiating kinetic shadows that are truly mesmerizing.”


Creager attended a workshop taught by Aiko Cuneo, daughter of renowned wire sculptor Ruth Asawa. As she describes: 


I was instantly captivated and inspired by the use of the simple looping technique to produce complex large scale hanging sculptures. The unique combination of robust structural properties and soft pliability make copper wire a truly fascinating artistic medium. Interlocking wire loops are woven into organic shapes ranging from elegant single layer forms to complex multi-layered mind benders.


The sculptures she creates are made with very fine copper wire using a technique commonly known as “Viking Knit.” It is an ancient wire weaving method originally used by the Nordics to create exquisite ornamentation that later spread throughout the world including Toluca, Mexico where Ruth Asawa learned how to weave baskets out of wire, leading to her practice of making hanging wire sculptures. It is from this long tradition of weaving and Ruth Asawa’s artistic legacy that Creager draws inspiration from.


Her approach is free form and each piece evolves as the process is not calculated or planned. Instead, it is an intriguing journey focused on the ever-ever-changing interaction between layers. Once complete, each sculpture is unique and allows one to study and admire the complexity that lies within. 





D’lisa Creager’s wire sculptures have been shown internationally, won awards, and have been purchased for numerous corporate and private collections. She currently resides in Los Angeles with her family. 




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473 25th Street
Suite A
Oakland, CA 94612


473 25th Street
Suite A
Oakland, CA 94612
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